LoGov is a Community Interest Company with a mission to help local councils deliver great digital services to every citizen

Build a new digital service
Co-build a service with another council
License a service another council has built

About LoGov

We work with local councils to improve their current services either through building a new user-led service to replace current tired and failing services, or licensing one of the services available on our LoGov platform - a resilient, cloud based collection of reusable and connected digital service components.

Each new service is commissioned by a pioneering council and created according to the GDS Service Standard, with support from LoGov's team of digital experts.

The service is then licensed to other councils with a percentage of the license fee going back to the original council. The rest is reinvested into the development of the platform.

How LoGov Works

We believe that citizens of the UK will benefit most from digital government if councils can build them better and faster and for much less cost. LoGov social enterprise is designed to make that possible – by putting the asset (the digital products) in the hands of a community interest company, not a private software company.

  • All services are always available at a low cost, forever
  • Services are developed in the interests of councils and their citizens, not a private profit-making company
  • The highest possible trust and integrity between LoGov and UK local government

Build a new digital service

Commission a new service for your local citizens, in accordance to the GDS Service Standard with support from LoGov's team of digital experts.

Examples of upcoming service builds:

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
Opening up electric vehicle charging opportunities.
Online personal housing plan
Digital plans to help prevent homelessness.
Blue Badge services
Improved services to apply for or renew a Blue Badge.

LoGov platform

License a service another council has already built. Our platform includes the services that have already been built by other councils for your council to license.

Services currently available on our platform (via GCloud-8) for you to license:

Find my Child a School Place

The school allocation process is complex and many parents and guardians have unrealistic expectations regarding the amount of choice available to them.

Whilst the application process is largely completed online, school admissions teams spend a great deal of time helping users through the process and managing complaints and appeals.

Find My Child a School Place reduces stress and anxiety for parents by providing relevant information at the point of need, resulting in:

  • Completion of the process online without additional support
  • Reduced cost per application
  • Increased satisfaction and trust in council services
Maintain my Street

The condition of a community's roads and streets is a critical factor in the relationship between a council and its residents.

Councils need help to monitor problems and go to great lengths to gather reliable information from the community. Residents, in turn, want to help but are often put off by complex reporting tools and a sense that things just don't get done.

Maintain My Street promotes a two-way flow of information between the council and its residents, resulting in:

  • Accurate reports gathered online without additional support
  • Reduced cost per issue
  • Increased satisfaction and trust in council services


Delivering two new digital services with Buckinghamshire County Council

  • New digital services first step in cost-saving target to save £1.8m by 2017/18
  • Services re-designed with customer feedback for customers
  • First step in adopting a digital service standard
  • Two key services: ‘Find my child a school place’ and ‘Maintain my street’

Speak to Martyn

If you would like to discuss building a new digital service or licensing one of our current services, Martyn, our Service Director would love to hear from you:

Martyn Evans
Service Director



+44 7811 407070