We are LoGov.
We make it easier for the public sector to share digital services that work.

What is LoGov?

We are a cooperative of established suppliers and local councils who build and maintain products and services for the public sector.

We're on a mission to make it easier for local government to procure and maintain tried and tested services.

LoGov was created by people who’ve spent decades working in and with local government to design and build public services that work for the people that need them.

Procure services that are already working, with minimum cost and hassle.


LoGov is a cheaper way to access services

When you subscribe to a LoGov service, you get access to something that’s already up and running. You won’t pay the costs of building a new service. We offer a single cost per service, shared amongst councils. This gives you shared access to:

  • technical platform (backend)
  • ongoing maintenance and support
  • new features and functionality
  • improvement and optimisation

As more councils sign up and share costs, everyone pays less.

LoGov is an easier way to sustain services

It’s not enough to just design and build a service. We need to sustain and improve services to meet the needs of the people that use them.

When you join LoGov, you become part of a community of practice. We work together to make service improvements, share data, learning and functionality across different service areas. You get more value for less money as the cost of maintaining services is shared across all subscribers.

As a subscriber to LoGov, you’ll benefit from:


Once we know that a service works, we want people to use it. We’ll work hard to get more councils on board. With more subscribers, we can reduce costs for everyone and increase investment in service development.

Collaborative improvement

We work with suppliers and local authorities to share feedback and build new features. These benefits are shared across all subscribers to LoGov services.

A robust procurement framework

We use the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace to save your time when procuring new services. You’ll find all of LoGov’s services on the ‘G-Cloud’ framework.

G-Cloud suppliers with extra benefits

You can access any LoGov services through G-Cloud for quicker, easier procurement from trusted suppliers. On top of that, you get extra benefits when you choose a LoGov supplier.

Shared ownership

  • collaborative development of a service that addresses a common problem
  • profits reinvested in service improvements for all LoGov services
  • shared costs and reduced risk

Standardisation and interoperability

  • open access to code and technical platform for that service
  • data that can be reused across other services or to other local authorities
  • shareable product components - use the same code across LoGov services for repeatable features, at no extra cost

Protection from risk

  • if your chosen supplier fails, another member of LoGov can take on and maintain the service
  • learning from failure is shared across all members so nobody starts rebuilding something that doesn’t work
Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud

The UK Government created the Digital Marketplace to make it easier for public sector organisations to find technology or people for digital projects in the public sector.

Digital Marketplace is provided by Crown Commercial Services (CCS). It’s the default framework for local government to procure Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) services.

The G-Cloud framework is part of the Digital Marketplace where you can procure existing digital services such as those provided by LoGov. CCS carries out full due diligence on all suppliers within the framework and offers a pain-free way to procure these services.

Our services

We currently offer two tried and tested services. If you’re interested in subscribing to either, or developing a new service with us, get in touch.

Building Safety Platform

Identify and contact those responsible for privately owned tall buildings to collect information for the Government’s external wall systems data collection exercise. Access information in a standardised and shareable format.

Key features:

  • Import building identification data from the Ordnance Survey, HM Land Registry and Companies House
  • Use the UPRN to enable the creation of a ‘golden thread’ of information
  • Contact building owners using the GOV.UK Notify service
  • Collect the required information via an online form
  • Monitor, query and approve responses
  • Export standardised data to DLUHC’s Delta system

Council partner: London Borough of Southwark
Agency partner: Unboxed
See the code on Github
Watch the demo video

Affordable Housing

Links the single planning application reference of proposed development with addresses and UPRNs. This enables the status of each individual home to be tracked from pre-application through to post-occupation, and interoperable with other council services and 3rd party systems, such as HM Land Registry and Zoopla.

Key features:

  • Minimises councils’ manual administration burden
  • Enables the creation of a ‘golden thread’ by using the nationally standard UPRN
  • Enables real time interoperability, to automatically confirm affordable status
  • Provides assurance that what was agreed has been delivered
  • Makes it much easier to detect breaches and act on any fraud
  • Ability to judge the effectiveness of housing policies
  • Publicly accessible real-time data
  • Export standardised data for reporting

Council partner: London Borough of Southwark
Agency partner: dxw
See the code on Github

Annual subscription fees

We don’t recharge everyone the full cost of a service that’s already been paid for.

Each service has a fixed subscription fee which is shared equally among subscribers. As membership grows, this fee goes down. We set a minimum fee for each service of around £10,000. Any surplus is recycled back into the service to support development and improvements.

Why is there a minimum subscription fee?

We know that all services need ongoing maintenance and support. We ask all LoGov members to contribute to this to ensure service sustainability. If a supplier fails, we invest in a new supplier or support members to take on the service themselves.

When you’re ready to move on from LoGov

Public sector organisations can end up with legacy services that don’t work because it’s too costly or complicated to procure an alternative.

We want you to stay with LoGov because we offer a service that meets your needs with low costs, low risk and added value. If you need something different, it’s easy to unsubscribe from LoGov. You can take all of your data and we’ll help you move to another supplier or host the service within your local council.

We’ll help you transfer, free of charge.

Speak to us

We’ve built on expertise and insights from public sector specialists Unboxed and dxw as well as people working in local government.

We’re a community interest company (CIC) and a registered member of Social Enterprise UK.

Get in touch to find out more about how we work or to get started with a LoGov service.

Martyn Evans
Service Director



+44 7811 407070

The LoGov philosophy

We believe that the UK public get most value when councils are engaged in design, development and ongoing optimisation of the digital tools and software that support public services. LoGov makes that possible by sharing ownership of digital assets across the organisations that design, build and use them.

LoGov is a Community Interest Company. We are owned by our subscribers and all of our assets are locked into our mission. That means that any new services, features or benefits are shared by all subscribers. All of our profits are reinvested into making it easier for councils to deliver great digital services to every citizen.

Our principles

We want to help local communities across the UK. Good public services shouldn’t be paid for more than once. We think resources are better used to share and improve services for everyone.

LoGov works to a set of core principles:

  • LoGov products and services are available at a sustainable price, shared across subscribers, for the long-term
  • LoGov products and services are developed in the interests of councils and their residents, not a private profit-making company
  • our model depends on trust and integrity between LoGov and the public sector - we will work collaboratively to maintain this trust
  • the public sector will always be at the heart of decision-making about ongoing development of LoGov products and services

How we work

We ask all of our suppliers, subscribers and LoGov agencies to sign up to our values and commitments to how we work.

  • be fair, accountable, trustworthy and independent
  • share costs, roadmaps and decision making
  • not seek private investment or ownership
  • be transparent and open
  • remain focused on the LoGov mission
  • use data to make better decisions
  • support an open-source culture, to protect the future of our services
  • empower local government
  • follow common guidelines from trusted organisations (such as Government Digital Services) to build better digital services